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At The Music Box, we don’t directly offer recording studio services. We do, however, have great recommendations for some of the finest audio engineers, videographers and photographers to get you started laying down your next track. Take a look at some of the talent below and decide who is right for you.

TMG Studios

Contact: T’Wezzy
Studio Location The Music Box – Love Field 2030 Empire Central Dr. #102 Dallas TX 75235 Work Phone: (214) 624-8070

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Categories: Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Producing (beat making), Recording
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Astro Studios

I’m passionate about producing the best content possible for consumers. I learned the usage of multiple programs, marketing, and social media content while in school as a graphic designer now graduated. Here to serve the people as best as I can and help the community.

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Major Media Studios

(214) 500-2256

Full service music production, media creation, and marketing services. View our website for our complete list of services.

TMG Studios

(214) 624-8070

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