Hourly Studio

Our rad Hourly Studio is fully equipped with a drum kit, a few guitar amps, bass amp and PA system with 3 vocal mics. It’s the same size as our biggest monthly Jumbo room. It can hold up to about 8 musicians, provided a few of them are vocalists. We also have additional instruments and other gear available for rental if needed. The extra gear is booked on a per session basis, so it costs the same whether you’re in a 3-hour session or an all-day lockout.

Musicbox @Kessler Park is the only location with a working hourly room with all equipment provided. Comes with drums,pa,guitar cabinet and head as well as bass cabinet and head.  So book your session while you can online. If you have any questions call our number and ask for Robbie.


Gear Included

This is an example of the gear that might be at your location on the day you choose. Our gear rotated through for a variety of reasons. If you have any specific requests, please let us know prior to your session.

  • Ludwig Classic Birch 6pcs Drum Set w/DW5000 Hardware & Zildjian A and K Cymbals (sticks not provided, but are available in our 24/7 Expendables Kiosk)
  • Orange OR-15 with 4×12 Cabinet
  • Marshall JCM900 with 4×12 Cabinet
  • Vox AC15 1×12 Combo
  • SWR Redhead Bass Amplifier with 2×10 and 1×15 Cabinets
  • Yamaha 6 Channel PA with EV Force 15, 2-way Speakers
  • Two Passive Mono Direct Boxes for Keys, Computers
  • Three Shure SM58 Microphones for Vocals
  • Support Gear and Cables

Book By The Hour or Day

Our Hourly Studio rate is $25/hour with a 3-hour minimum. You can book for any duration you like: 3 hours, 5 hours, 8.5 hours. We also offer a full day lockout (18 hours) at just $300/day. Play on your time, not ours!

Cancellation Policy

We understand schedules change, so we’ve set up what we believe to be a very fair cancellation policy. Once you’ve paid and reserved your Hourly Studio session, you may cancel prior to 24 hours before your session is scheduled to begin and receive a 50% refund of the total amount paid. Sessions scheduled to begin within 24 hours will not receive a refund. Please keep in mind that you can reschedule your session and apply the full total to a later session.



The Music Box is not liable for any equipment that you bring into the rehearsal space, use at your own risk policy any damages to The Music Box space or equipment may result in charges to your account depending on the amount of damage to the space or equipment.

Other Room Sizes






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