Benefits of Monthly Membership

It’s as simple as it sounds. Become a member on a monthly basis and get access to your own private rehearsal room anytime for however long you’d like. No noise or after-hours limits whatsoever! Load in every session or leave it all in your private, secure room…it’s up to you and your band.

With a monthly membership, you also become connected to our exclusive service partners with member’s only discount pricing. We have a variety of rooms to fit just an individual all the way up to a touring rock band — even if you have a team of booty dancers! Sound appealing? Discounts are available for verified music instructors and educators.

Private Rehearsal Room

Unlimited Room Access

No Time Restrictions

Secure instrument storage

Partner Service Discounts

Music Instructor Discounts

Why Choose Hourly Room Rentals?

If you need a room just a couple times a month that’s already setup with a PA system, drum set, guitar and bass amps (or bring your own stuff) then maybe our hourly studio is for you. It can be a great way for your band to spread its wings and get performance-ready.

We also offer the convenience and flexibility of online booking. With real-time availability, it’s easier than ever to set up your next rehearsal. You can even add any extra rentals you might need. Check out the Hourly Studio below.

PA System for Vocals

Guitar & Bass Amps

Drum Set

24/7 Availability

Online Booking