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This article is part of our On The Record series focusing on amazing musicians that have set a Guinness World Record. We discuss their record attempt, musical careers and current events.

If you think you’re fast, think again! Eden Bahar is a musician from Tel Aviv, Israel, and is the current Guinness World Record holder for the Most Drumstick Spins In One Minute With One Hand at 149 spins. That’s almost 2.5 spins every second! He set this record on September 13, 2018 in Tel Aviv. Bahar is currently on tour with KOOZA by Cirque du Soleil.

Bahar hails from a musical family and has a strong connection to music. “I first started playing when I was two years old, thanks to my parents,” he explains. “My mom is a very musical human being, and my dad is a well-renowned pianist and producer in Israel.” Music is in his blood and will be forever. “I can never ever see myself stop making music.”

As an international drummer, Bahar has had the opportunity to perform all over the world. From his home country’s official Independence Day celebration as part of the Israel Defense Forces Orchestra to drumming in a blues band in Russia, he’s done it all. One project in particular sticks out to him. “I’ve played in many different projects in a big variety of genres, and the one that always pops in my head is Rockin’1000. It is a really cool project from Italy and it’s basically the biggest rock band on earth and it includes 1000 people, and I was the first and only Israeli guy and one of 250 drummers. It was an exceptional experience and a very empowering moment and I met amazing people along the way.”

Eden Bahar Drums
Photo by: Daniel Elior

Breaking a Guinness World Record was something that he simply wanted to do. “Originally I wanted to set a different record for the Longest Drums Playing Session but then I saw that there was a guy from India who did that for like three days straight with no food or sleep, and I thought hmm…. Nah.” But Bahar didn’t give up there. “So then I ran into this record of Most Drumstick Spins In One Minute (One Hand) and also no one has ever broken this record before so I thought it would be awesome to be the first to break this record as well! And after a few attempts, and a lot of training, I got it.” He astutely points out that Guinness World Records often comes up with new records you can beat, so if that’s something you are interested in just simply browse the records and see what appeals to you.

For his record attempt, it was important to have the right gear. His sticks of choice are classic Vic Firth 5A sticks, which we also have available for sale in our vending machine at The Music Box because they are the same sticks that he plays with. Bahar explains, “I’ve been playing Vic’s sticks for as long as I can remember and doing stick tricks you have to feel comfortable as much as possible so using the same stick is the only way for me, therefore it does make a BIG difference on what stick you’re using. I love those sticks so much for playing, and it was super fun practicing the twirl for the record as well. They are well balanced and easy to use.” 

Guinness World Records are world records for a reason. “Guinness doesn’t make it easy to break a record, therefore, every little thing staring with the paperwork, to witnesses, to the cameraman, to timekeepers, to actually attempting the record and twirling the stick is kind of difficult and challenging.” He also didn’t nail it on the first try, as you might expect. “My first attempt was a failure because I did not twirl the stick as they have written in the rule book. As for the second attempt I dropped the stick and caught it mid-air, but they disqualified the attempt saying the stick must be in your hand at all times of the attempt. And then on the third attempt, I was golden, and everything went smooth as butter, and after two to three months Guinness approved my attempt, and I was thrilled!” Watch the recap video below to see how it went.

Bahar finally achieved his goal of setting a Guinness World Record and was satisfied with that. “I’m the kind of guy who sets goals to myself, and once I get what I worked for I move on to the next challenge. Breaking another record won’t give me anything as I’ve done it already. Of course, you can try a different record but that doesn’t appeal to me.” Setting the record has brought some interesting experiences like a few other articles and a cool podcast about Israeli culture with a few guys from Boston called israel 360.

Eden Bahar Drums
Photo by: Yari Boschetti

With his mission accomplished, he has since moved on to some pretty cool things. “Currently I’m touring with Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA show and this is by far the most professional environment I’ve worked on in my career. Because everyone is so professional in what they do, I learn so much and it is an amazing place to be for me and for every artist. We have so much respect for one another and everyone smiles all the time because they love what they do. It’s a magical place.” His stick twirling didn’t exactly translate to his performance on stage, but you might see his skills on display with some of his fellow performers. “I’m not that kind of a drummer who spins my sticks while playing. Although I do it to warm-up my muscles backstage, I would never do it during my solo because It doesn’t represent who I am. But I did help other artists in KOOZA that have the same skills and needed some tips on how to correctly spin a stick on stage.”

It’s clear that music is more than just a job for Bahar. He uses it to get him out of a slump or when the world seems bleak. “Music has never failed me. Every time I feel down, it’s there to lift me up. Anytime and anywhere; therefore it is the same during this current Coronavirus pandemic. Music is what makes me happy and creates peace in a world of chaos. So music has definitely helped me stay calm in these crazy times everyone is going through right now.”

Being on the receiving end of sage wisdom from his mentors, Bahar shares what he thinks is the best of all the advice he’s ever been given. “When I was 14, I was playing a show with my dad and after the show, someone came up to me, shook my hand, and said “Keep doing what you’re doing”, and that was a very empowering moment in my life. Then In 2006, Al Foster came to play a show in Tel Aviv. After the show, I got backstage and told him “Wow man! You’re the best!” And his reply was “No one is the best, you can only try to be the best”, that too was a very empowering moment in my early life. Third and last, back in 2015, I was participating in a Croatia Drum Camp, and Steve Gadd was giving a masterclass. One of the students asked him “What advice can you give to young musicians?” And he said, “Follow Your Heart”. This was a life-changing moment for me. I tattooed it on my left forearm Follow Your Heart so I would never forget it and always remember it.”

Eden Bahar

Listen to his music on Apple Music and connect with him on the links below.


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