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Dallas-based producer Astroknot G is passionate about producing the best content possible for consumers. He made his first beat at the age of 13 and was in the 7th grade. It was a jerking type beat because that what was popular at the time. He hasn’t stopped since. “I learned the usage of multiple programs, marketing, and social media content while in school as a graphic designer; now graduated,” says Astroknot G. “Here to serve the people as best as I can and help the community.”

When asked about his music and what he’s trying to convey to the listeners, he states simply “To be inspiring to the world, and creative.” He keeps his admiration close to his heart as well. “My uncles were the first people in the music business I knew. I never really admired anyone else before.”

Astroknot G enjoys being able to listen to an eclectic mix of genres for inspiration in producing hip hop and rap beats as well as his other crafts of choice. “I listen to a lot of 70’s music, R&B, HipHop, and trap music. I think it is important to listen to different music because it unlocks different vibes and mental paths in the mind. Although I mainly focus on filming, photos, and graphics now I usually like to dim the lights and get zoned in on the craft and the moment. Everything else comes from there.”

Even as talent might be a natural gift, it still needs time and space to evolve. “The Music Box allows me to have the space to create and focus. If you have a talent it can be enhanced just by having the space and time. It’s hard to have distractions,” says Astroknot G. “Honestly, don’t listen to anyone…just create. People will try and throw you off just by saying little things. Just focus on you and NEVER SIGN A DEAL.”

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Do you have something to contribute to professional musicians? Submit a post of your own here. The Music Box is the premier band rehearsal facility in Dallas, TX. We offer 24/7 rehearsal studios at multiple locations for use on a Monthly or Hourly rental period. With convenient online booking and the best customer service, The Music Box will give your artists the best place to Get Loud and Get Better!

I'm the co-owner of The Music Box and a lifelong musician as a euphonium player. The son of a band director, alumnus of the University of Alabama and father of 3, I keep busy on my Peloton and managing multiple businesses.

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